• "As she opens her eyes..."

    4-channel-videoinstallation, 2016
    artistic assistent: Ralph Kühne
    soundcomposition: Beni Mosele

    Trees on the edge of a placid pond, once above the water, as tangible reality, once below as the mirrorred, intangible reflection. A rocky melody sweeps up this idyllic landscape and transforms it; we see it bathing in the sunlight, hiding in the mist or darkening in the rain, it is laden with ominous weight or rests in the warm light of the evening. A jetty keeps appearing, bearing a figure reflected in the water, sitting or standing, mostly hanging upside down. At night, the empty jetty juts out into the shimmering darkness, the moon dancing on the softly bobbing surface of the water. The squeal of an e-guitar tears the quiet night apart, and a gusty wind makes the landscape vibrate increasingly. The world starts to dissolve, reality bids us farewell and makes room for a spooky surreal place.