• “LES DÉS...“

    Text installation, 28 laser-cut letters, white Varicor plate, 70x8mm, 2014

    A visual/phonetic language game. The laser-cut letters are attached to the upper part of the wall and lit sparingly by a spot light, turning the installation into a ghost-like, mysterious object.

    “weder hier noch dort“

    Slide projection, 32 text fragments, looped, b/w 2015

    ccompanied by its mechanical sounds, a slide projector casts text fragments onto the wall. The slide tray (carousel) is filled (twice), the text fragments appear in a loop: endless, in the same, monotonous rhythm; a steady, inexorable pulse. This sense of inevitability is further emphasised and supported by the style (anaphora) and presentation of the installation.